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QR Code menu for restaurants or coffee: Immediately perfect for your venue

Whether you have a restaurant, a coffee shop, a pizzeria or a business that requires a list of dishes, with Jana Order, you can have your menu in a mobile version. By designing a personalised restaurant/tea menu QR code, your customers can easily view your products with their smartphone or tablet. A few minutes are all it takes to digitalise your menu.

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Powerful Features

Scan barcode for menu in few minutes

Your customer scans the QR code with his smartphone and will immediately see your menu. If he is already seated at a table, the web application will also recognise his table number. Your customer will then look at your menu and will simply choose their starter, main course, dessert or/and their favourite drink. Confirm their choice with a click and forward the order immediately to your kitchen or counter. Or allow your waiters, with their mobile phone, via WhatsApp to take, manage and send the order. This same process can be followed if the customer is at home and wants your delivery service. Payment will also be made online in complete security and privacy. A scan of the barcode on your restaurant or café menu will be enough to make your product list available to your customers. It's all very simple, isn't it?

WhatsApp Order

You can validate your customers' online orders via WhatsApp or ask for more information about customising their food or drinks.

Simple scan

A simple scan of the restaurant QR code will allow your customers to consult your complete menu, regardless of its diversity and without having to download the application.

Multiple language

You can insert your menu card in several languages. Jana Order also gives you the possibility to personalise it graphically so that it is more attractive to your customers.

Recurring Payment

The payment is done online and smoothly. The customer's personal data will be strictly stored in an ultra-secure system.


The invoicing of online orders is done according to the law and in a transparent way. Each invoice will be sent by email or downloadable via the platform.

Free QR code menu

The QR code scan is 100% free and does not require a fee for each online order. In addition, the customer will receive menu updates on the digital card.

Membership Plan

Free Plan

Features of Free Plan
  • 5 Menu Categories
  • 5 Menu Items Per Category
  • 50 Scans Per Month
  • Allow restaurants to accept orders
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